What is CONCAEM?

The business organisms bonder includes all of Mexico’s productive sectors.

The method of organizing appropriate communication promotes awareness and understanding across all the sectors and organisms so that each, supported by the others, can carry out its intended role.

The representative addresses all pertinent issues that the business community is concerned about in front of the government, civil society, and other organizations; especially upon a request from a member of the community.

Our beginning

Concerned about forging a better relationship with the various branches of government, businessmen from the State of Mexico established the Council of Chambers and Business Associations of the State of Mexico CONCAEM (as an acronym). Several chambers, employers’ associations, and business associations participated, involving a wide range of economic activities, including industrial, banking, agroindustry, trade, and services.

In this manner, thirty entrepreneurial organisms were combined, and each of them took on a generic name such as “associated entrepreneurial organism,” implying that the noun “businessman” and the verb “undertake” refer to all those who aspire to create an organization that is economically active.

Two years later, on March 7, 1989, an assembly was held to rename it as the Business Coordinating Council of the State of Mexico, A.C., maintaining its association-like nature and allowing members to freely join and leave at any time, allowing them to choose whether or not to participate.

The Consul then changed its name to The Council of Chambers and Business Associations of the State of Mexico CONCAEM in 2010, and it has remained that way ever since, assisting all productive sectors in the State of Mexico.