What is CONCAEM?

The business organisms´ bonder that comprehend all the productive sectors from the State of Mexico.

The mean to structure a suitable intercommunication that fosters understanding and awareness between all the sectors and organisms so each one supported by the rest can fulfill their proper function.

The spokesperson in front of the authorities, civil society and all other entities, that points out all the relative matters that worry the business community; particularly when it is requested by one of its members.

Our beginning

Businessmen from the State of Mexico, worried to achieve a rapprochement with the different government sectors created CONCAEM, Business Coordinating Council of the State of Mexico (by its acronym in Spanish) in 1987, with the participation of several business associations, chambers, employers´ associations, encompassing the following economic activities: agriculture, agroindustry, industry, trade and services, banking included.

This way, 30 entrepreneurial organisms were integrated, each one of them adopting a generic name as: associated entrepreneurial organism, estimating that the verb undertake and the noun business man comprehend all the ones that want to form an economic active entity.

2 years later, on March 7, 1989, an Assembly took place to name it as Business Coordinating Council of the State of Mexico, A.C, keeping the characteristic of an association in which its members can freely join in or exit, preserving their freedom to participate or not.